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Attorney Natalie Green Hosea has built and developed her law practice to serve clients through education about the legal process each client faces, while drawing upon her life experience and breadth of legal knowledge to tie numerous issues together seamlessly. Historically, Ms. Hosea’s general law practice focused on various areas of litigation, ranging from landlord/tenant disputes, debt collection, civil contract litigation, juvenile delinquency, juvenile dependency, real estate closings, DUI defense, criminal defense, and appeals. Having a wide and varied range of trial experiences has proven to be very beneficial to Ms. Hosea’s clients who find themselves facing novel legal issues that touch upon multiple legal areas, something rare in a field of extremely specialized legal practitioners.

For many years of her practice, Ms. Hosea served as a guardian ad litem attorney for hundreds of Georgia’s abused, neglected, and delinquent children. It is through that work that Ms. Hosea developed her knowledge, skills, and background concerning challenges that face families who have children with special needs. It is not uncommon for parents of special-needs children to collapse under the stress and pressure of having a child with needs that exceed the parent’s knowledge, abilities, and resources. Consequently, these parental strains result in the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) removing the child from the parents for neglect. When special needs children act out in educational settings, they might be charged with juvenile delinquency offenses by educational districts frustrated by such children acting out, unknowingly causing the child unnecessary trauma of police involvement.

Several years into her legal practice, Ms. Hosea was introduced to the elder law practice area when an existing client found themselves in an emergency situation – the client’s elderly parent, residing in a nursing home, was put in a precarious and dangerous situation requiring an emergency guardianship petition. The desire and drive to protect those who cannot protect themselves propelled Ms. Hosea’s drive to learn all she could to build her practice to assist clients with elder law issues and needs. Ms. Hosea is a member of Elder Law Answers, a community of legal professionals dedicated to providing resources and information to seniors their family members.

As a parent to a special-needs child, Ms. Hosea also understands the unique stress and concern facing parents of special-needs children. The child’s adult life and independence, finances, and resources available after the parents pass away or are unable to care for their special-needs child all present pressing and important planning requirements that cannot be left to chance. Ms. Hosea is a member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners, an organization and community of professionals involved in providing services and resources to families and the public who have individuals with special needs in their lives or for whom they provide services.

Seeing that many clients lacked financial resources to fund care for themselves and care for their special-needs children, Ms. Hosea attained her Georgia life, accident, and sickness insurance license to offer clients the option to provide insurance to fund special needs trusts for their special-needs children while protecting the child’s ability to maintain public benefits. Insurance provides a powerful option to leverage available funds for care in the event of incapacity and to care for loved ones who will need resources and care upon a caregiver’s passing.

Ms. Hosea is affiliated with the non-profit organization Georgia Medicare 101, which helps educate seniors about their Medicare rights and options. Ms. Hosea teaches free, monthly Medicare workshops in the NW Atlanta Metro area. To attend a Medicare 101 Workshop with Ms. Hosea, join our mailing list and you will receive our newsletter.

Ms. Hosea is a resident of Cherokee County, Georgia where she also serves as a member of the Cherokee County Board of Ethics. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband, daughter, three rambunctious dogs, and horse.

Ms. Hosea is a member of the following associations and trade groups:

  • Georgia Bar Association: Elder Law, Family Law, Fiduciary Law, Taxation Law, and Privacy & Technology Law Sections
  • American Bar Association
  • Academy of Special Needs Planners
  • Elder Law Answers
  • Wealth Counsel

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I had a small court case to settle I did not know where to go I tried six other lawyers nobody wanted to mess with it I finally found Natalie and she set me down talk with me very helpful and understanding and she took it. I can’t thank her enough very nice.


We had a small business startup legal and financial review. Working with Natalie was very pleasant, and I felt like I could trust in her experience/expertise.


Natalie came through for me in the courtroom. Ms. Green’s consultation was very detailed and timely, she was totally prepared during my proceedings. I was never confused in the court house, she answered all of my questions and dealt with my case very professionally. I have an attorney for life in Natalie Green.


I was referred to Natalie regarding a family issue–I was blown away by her professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness. She is extremely busy but took the time to explain processes & procedures that I was able to understand and carefully listened to my concerns regarding the case.

I have referred Natalie to a couple of colleagues who were equally pleased.


Natalie Green did a terrific job for us. We could not be happier with the outcome. She talked us through everything and was professional and kind.


I sent an inquiry to Natalie via AVVO and received a phone call in less than an hour.

Mine was basically a question of whether she, as a lawyer in Georgia, would be able to assist with a debt collection from defaulted promissory note where the borrower lives in a different state.

Natalie provided me helpful recommendations on what should be included in the promissory note to help assure payment and the type of lawyer I should seek in the borrower’s state.

So though she would not be in position to assist my specific situation, I appreciate that she took the time to provide some preliminary counsel and offer of direction on where to initiate the process.

Mike Foster
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