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December 18, 2018
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Top Shelf Divorce Attorney

Divorce. One of the things that many of us never want to experience. This Spring, I found out that I would be getting divorced. I was totally ignorant. With two children, a house, a side business and significant assets, I was beyond a bit concerned. I reached out to a few attorneys and then spoke with Natalie. She spent over an hour with me on the phone, walking me through the process, options and even gave me the names of other attorneys. I stopped my search after that call, I had found my attorney.

Natalie worked with me from the beginning, to the end. She answered countless texts, spoke with me for several hours and was always available, be it early morning, late evening or on the weekend. Whatever it took to get the job done. Natalie knew the legal process, all of my options, but helped me to arrive on the decision that was best for me and my children, while at the same time extending courtesy and compassion to my ex.

Would I recommend her? Absolutely. Completely, without a moment’s doubt. If you want a top-shelf communicator, a smart and informed attorney and someone who is going to work with you and have your back at all times, then do not hesitate to hire this young lady. You will not be disappointed.
Natalie, thank you for all that you did.

And for those of you who may have noticed, yes Natalie and I share the same last name, but no…we are not even remotely related!

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