A new life.

November 3, 2015
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A new life.

It’s has been almost four years now since Natalie helped me with my case. It was not the first time I had needed her as a lawyer and since my previous experience with her was so amazing, I called on her again when I had really gotten myself into trouble. My heroin addiction has caused me to become a thief. I was facing a felony theft by taking charge. The maximum sentence was ten years in prison. I was only 22. The prosecutor had my admission from texts I had sent the victim. Natalie didn’t have much to work with. But not only did I avoid jail time with her help I was sentenced to go to the best drug rehabilitation center in the state. Once I left there I just had probation and fees, fines and restitution. I was facing one of the hardest judges in Cobb county and Natalie managed to get me first offender. So, after my probation is up, it all goes away. I will still have voting rights, the right to own a gun, and future employees never have to know about my past. Natalie was not only an outstanding attorney, she was the person I was able to trust with my life when everything was falling apart. Thanks to her and what she did for my case I have a whole new chance at life. I and 4 years clean and sober and I have a career that I am so passionate about. She worked tirelessly to help me, not just because she is professional and loves what she does but also because she really truly cares about the lives of her clients. I would recommend Natalie ten times over to anyone in need of a lawyer for mistakes that could be potentially life ruining.

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