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A significant part of the practice of law will inevitably intersect with family law issues. Ms. Hosea accepts a limited number of adoption and family law matters. Family law issues such as divorce when a special needs child is involved requires knowledge of the ongoing needs of that child well beyond the usual time that a non-custodial parent would be legally obligated to pay and provide child support. Additionally, when divorces occur later in life as couples approach retirement age, knowledge of their upcoming life planning challenges is critical for both spouses to ensure a life after divorce is equitable for all parties involved. Adoptions fall within the family law context when blended families come together, but a biological parent is often unavailable either by choice or by circumstance, creating a void where a child’s best interests would be served by formalizing the legal relationship between a step-parent and step-child. Ms. Hosea has represented biological parents, children, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees in the adoption process and provides adoption legal services for Georgia-based adoptions.

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I had a small court case to settle I did not know where to go I tried six other lawyers nobody wanted to mess with it I finally found Natalie and she set me down talk with me very helpful and understanding and she took it. I can’t thank her enough very nice.


We had a small business startup legal and financial review. Working with Natalie was very pleasant, and I felt like I could trust in her experience/expertise.


Natalie came through for me in the courtroom. Ms. Green’s consultation was very detailed and timely, she was totally prepared during my proceedings. I was never confused in the court house, she answered all of my questions and dealt with my case very professionally. I have an attorney for life in Natalie Green.


I was referred to Natalie regarding a family issue–I was blown away by her professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness. She is extremely busy but took the time to explain processes & procedures that I was able to understand and carefully listened to my concerns regarding the case.

I have referred Natalie to a couple of colleagues who were equally pleased.


Natalie Green did a terrific job for us. We could not be happier with the outcome. She talked us through everything and was professional and kind.


I sent an inquiry to Natalie via AVVO and received a phone call in less than an hour.

Mine was basically a question of whether she, as a lawyer in Georgia, would be able to assist with a debt collection from defaulted promissory note where the borrower lives in a different state.

Natalie provided me helpful recommendations on what should be included in the promissory note to help assure payment and the type of lawyer I should seek in the borrower’s state.

So though she would not be in position to assist my specific situation, I appreciate that she took the time to provide some preliminary counsel and offer of direction on where to initiate the process.

Mike Foster
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